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If you had to get rid of a tree lately, there is probably alone stump sitting in your back yard now.
While it might be tempting to just forget about it and leave it there in peace, or maybe attempt to remove it yourself, it is a good idea to leave it to us, Sunshine Coast Tree Removal. Our tree care specialists have the skills, expertise, and also devices needed to safely and efficiently eliminate any stray and lonely tree stumps from your lawn.

Many people don’t realize that if you remove a tree, the stump should be removed as well.
In some cases, people get concerned that the expenses that will be incurred to remove the stump will exceed the benefits of stump removal.
This couldn’t be more wrong.
Leaving a tree stump in your garden is not pleasing to the eye at all. It can even grow mossy and gross, creating an eyesore in your landscape.
It can also cause many other problems – most of them, major.
Some of these issues include:

Growth troubles
If you have a tree stump left in your garden, its roots can still grow and thrive, even if you’ve chopped the actual tree down. It can damage the pipes in your garden, crack your concrete driveways and fences, even damage the concrete wall of your swimming pool. And of course, the smaller plants in the garden might not thrive since the trunk and roots will suck up all the nutrients first, leaving depleted amounts for your other plants to share.

Safety concerns
Expect your kids and guests, including service personnel like postal workers, delivery guys, and more, to trip over the roots and stump that was left behind. It can damage your lawn mower too and even break into your water pipes, causing toxins and more to leech into it, contaminating your family’s drinking water.

Pest Attacks
A stump is a favorite place for termites and other bugs to nest. Once they do, expect them to quickly move on and attack the other plants in your property and even worse, your home. Termite damage can be expensive so better to not tempt fate and remove the stump immediately.

Removing a stump should be left to the pros.
Attempting to eliminate a stump on your own can be harmful. Unless you have the proper tools and are educated to utilize them, leave stump elimination to the pros. And also, whatever you do, never try to blow up or melt a stump away. You risk damaging your yard or hurting on your own or somebody else.

We use a stump grinding machine that grinds it down to wood chip mulch which can be used in your garden as organic compost or given to community nurseries and gardens.
Grinding is less invasive than stump removal because you don’t need to dig into the ground to pry it and all the roots out.

Removing an unattractive and also possibly harmful stump from your property is the best recommendation we can give you if you have this particular tree-related issue to deal with.
If you’re unclear which removal method would be best, give us a call. We can meet up with you at your home -so we can see the stump in situ – and give you our quote as well as the solutions we can offer.

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